Komentari Europljana: Izabrali smo Hrvatsku!


Usijale su se društvene mreže, mnogi stanovnici Europe i svijeta smatraju kako je Baby Lasagna nepravedno ostao drugi na Eurosongu 2024.  Komentari poput: Baby Lasagna je osvojio naša srca, briga nas za žiri, Hrvatska je pobjednik, Hrvatska je pokradena…nižu se od Youtube kanala, Facebooka, Twittera, sve do službenih stranica Eurosonga.


“CROATIA SHOULD HAVE WON! Like if you agree”

“Some Eurovision Entries become winners, others become legends.”
Who cares about juries?! Croatia is the winner of this challenge! Congrats!”
“Robbed Croatia won our hearts Just like Finland last year”
“Croatia, another juryvision victim Baby Lasagna deserved the trophy..
Come on guys!!!!How is it possible for Croatia not to win!!!!This is unacceptable!!!The best song with rhythm and power!!!”
“Who is here after Croatia won the 2nd place? Baby Lasagna, I just wanted you to know that Croatia must be proud of you! Congratulations!”
“Croatia is the real winner chosen by the people.”
“The jury has stolen the victory from Croatia because they prefer Switzerland for ideological reasons. You are the real winners of this edition”
“Croatia is real winner of 2024 . From Turkey. This is ridiculous”
“In ten years time, people will forget who Nemo is, but the legend of Baby Lasagna will live on…”
I was absolutely heartbroken when Croatia didnt win. Spectacular performance. Incredible energy and song! What a vibe! Love from Lithuania
Croatia is the real winner! The best song! Congrats from Greece


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